Keep indoor air Pollutants down to a minimum!

-Dusting with a damp cloth starting from highest point and working your way down to the floor will help from kicking up the allergens and attract them to the cloth! -If you are severe allergy sufferer you may want to wear a mask while dusting! -Vacuum regularly using equipment that has HEPA filters to trap […]

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Adventures in House Cleaning Tips! Episode #2

Here’s a few New tricks to help you on your house cleaning Adventures! -Do you want to eliminate Fridge Odors, just put a scoop of coffee grounds in a small container inside and voila you have an amazing caffeinated wiff instead of that egg salad! -Does your Dish washer need a refresh?   Just place […]

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How much Wood could a Wood Chuck Chuck???

Did you know there are various types of fire wood for your homes fireplace that each have very unique burning characteristics? Hardwoods like birch, oak & hard maple are the best choices for burning a long lasting hot fire.  Most preferred out of the 3 is Well seasoned oak.  Well seasoned being a year or […]

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Vinegar, The Amazing Multi Tasker!

This amazing budget friendly liquid is a must have for every home!  Here’s a few tricks to use it in your home for just about anything -Clean and disinfect your fridge with a solution of half vinegar half water -Remove antiperspirant stains by rubbing vinegar full strength onto stain with a clean cloth. -Full strength […]

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Dust Mites, The microscopic Cousin of The Spider!

Does anyone in your home suffer form asthma or allergies?  If so Dust mites are your Enemy number one.  Did you know they are the microscopic relative of spiders!!!  They Live and Breed in your mattresses, furniture, carpet and pretty much anything that’s upholstered in your home.  There are many hiding places for these pesky […]

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