Chimney Services

At Royal Extreme Clean, we are professionals when it comes to chimney and fireplace work. We know how important it is to have your fireplace and chimney inspected and cleaned to ensure its functioning safely and properly. Call us for all of your cleaning, repair and maintenance needs.

Chimney Cleaning

Having a clean chimney can eliminate your risk for fires. We are full service chimney cleaning company. Our chimney cleanings cover all aspects of your chimney including flue tiles, cement crowns, chimney liners, tuck pointing, damper and stationary caps, masonry and chase covers. If your chimney is working overtime during the winter months, it’s best to give it the preventative care it needs.

Chimney repair

To ensure your chimney is completely healthy, have a highly-trained professional inspect it every year. Chimneys should be inspected thoroughly for soundness, freedom from deposits and correct clearances. If your chimney isn’t up to standard, let us do the proper maintenance to ensure your home runs as efficiently as possible to prevent any possible damages to your home.

Animal Removal

We all know it happens. Sometimes unwanted critters make their way into your chimney and remain there. Chimneys can be a unique problem when it comes to birds, raccoons and squirrels. An expert should handle these cases as a blocked vent can result in a fire or carbon monoxide hazards. Let us inspect your chimney for any possible damaging rodent issues.

Fireplace maintenance

Maintaining your fireplace is extremely easy if you have a professional handle it for you. Our fireplace maintenance includes a number of services including installing fireplace doors and maintaining gas log sets. We know all the tricks to keep your fireplace running like new. Avoid heavy maintenance and high fines by letting our experts do routine check-ups.


When it comes to the health of your home and family—don’t hesitate. Contact us today!

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